Man, this little preschooler has grown up a lot this year!  Kind of makes me sad he’s leaving his toddler days behind.  
Miles has been so lucky this year in the teacher department.  As you all know he can be a handful and Miss Karli always handled him with love.  It was not an easy year for Miles, or myself, and I was so glad we had Karli in his corner when other adults in his life labeled and underestimated him and his abilities.  

If you ask Miles who his best friends are Miss Karli is always in the top 3.  

He also got lucky with his Talking Time teachers.  They were amazing and never had a shortage of ideas to motivate him.  They had to work hard to get this kid to focus, but it paid off.  He is saying sounds and words, that were next to impossible 5 months ago.  

Miles is one of those kids you really have to love if you want to be able to reach him and I know these teachers all loved him.  Because of that he has learned so much this year and it has given me hope that he will survive public school. :)  

This was a hard and emotional year for Macey, mostly due to me being so sick for pretty much the **entire
school year.  

There were weeks where she called me everyday and I had to drag my pukey self over to the school to calm her down.  I am so grateful for Mrs. Cobia being understanding of our home situation and taking the time to give Macey what she needed.  

My favorite thing about 1st grade was seeing Macey turn into a reader!  It’s so awesome to be able to watch a kid when it just clicks and see this whole new world open up to them.  I love being out with her and watching her read everything!  She started the year on a level C and ended it on an M.  Love it!

Macey’s Favorite Things about First Grade:

Reading and math and art
When I read her Mrs. Piggle Wiggle 
Favorite Book: Rainbow Magic Fairies series
Favorite Field Trips: Zoo and Children’s Museum
favorite thing about Mrs. Cobia- How she liked to tease and trick us

While Macey’s kindergarten year flew by, this year was the complete opposite! Even though I am sad they are getting too big, I am glad this year is behind us and am excited for the changes to come!   Love these 2 “big kids”.