If you have not flown with kids recently, let me tell you, the new rule of being able to use small electronics the entire flight is wonderful.  

This is what they looked like the entire flight.  Macey is pretty much ready to fly by herself now too, this was her 3rd flight to sit in her very own row and she didn’t need any assistance from me.  She even ordered her own drink, took care of her trash without prompting from me, and would take her headphones off when she heard the pilot talking over the loud speaker.  You can tell she’s a seasoned flier.  

We got to Bellingham late on the 23rd, so Christmas Eve was packed with prep for the next day, tons of wrapping, and the much anticipated Gender Reveal Party.

First on the agenda was making sugar cookies while we tried to pass the anxious hours waiting for Kaylin and Lauren to come.

Here they are taking up their post when we said it’d be less than hour until the other cousins arrived.

I was dying to know if this baby was a boy or girl.  Macey, Miles and I all guessed it was a boy.  Paul guessed girl, along with the majority of others.  I was pretty happy (ecstatic) Paul was right.  Macey and Miles on the other hand both cried and refused to eat cake.  

Miles kept talking about how the cake was “freaking” him out and would make us turn it so he couldn’t see the pink inside.  I later figured out he thought the baby was actually in there and that was the real reason he kept saying “that cake just freakin me out!”.  Poor kid.  We promptly disposed of it after that. :)

Christmas was crazy, fun, and busy.
Nana read the girls a Christmas story. Miles of course could not be bothered with things like that and instead made Paul read him a book about a missing dinosaur bone.  

 Miles LOVED being the present passer outer and I was just happy he had something to keep him busy.

After Christmas there was lots of cousin time.

Lots of dancing and performing to the Frozen Soundtrack.

Lots of enjoyment of the fresh air and Bellingham’s amazing parks.

The highlight of Miles’ trip was our visit to the Touch Tank.

He was constantly running from tank to tank, yelling, asking the worker questions, and could be heard saying “Gigi, come see this!”, “Gigi, over here!” and “Gigi, follow me!”.  

He could of stayed all day if it wasn’t for the rest of us being cold and a whiney Crew.

And of course there was lots of time hanging out at the house with Nana and Pop-Pop.

It was a great trip and the company couldn’t of been better.  Plus, I was grateful every day I was over 20 weeks pregnant, there is no way I could of survived this trip any sooner.  Although, it was nice to have a new toilet to puke in. ;)