Yes, I only have 15 more days until I’m suppose to get induced (a week early)! I’m still hoping I go before that, but I’m trying not get my hopes up too high. I’m dilated to a 3 and I’m a little over 60% effaced, so hopefully when I finally do go into labor it will be nice and short.

I am really excited to be delivering at the hospital I am too. I already know a few of the nurses pretty well since I’ve spent quite a few hours in labor and delivery doing Non-Stress Tests and things. So, I at least know where to go when the time comes.

Here I am today at about 37 weeks. As you can see my stomach is sticking straight out. This means I often hit things with it, including many people’s heads at the BYU football games as I try to get out of my row to use the bathroom. :)

I didn’t get alot done that I wanted to, like the fact that I only got to 6 months old in Macey’s scrapbook. But, I figure we’ll all survive and I’ve pretty much given up on my To-Do list.

It has been nice though to be home this pregnancy and get a few things organized. Some of the messiest areas in our house happen to be the closets, so luckily I did get those cleaned out pretty well.

I didn’t take before pictures for a reason

Here’s a pic of our linen closet and Macey’s closet now:

My eyebrows are waxed, hair is cut, and nails are all painted, I’m ready for this baby to come!