Halloween is one of my all time favorites.  

I love decorating.

I (kind of) enjoy carving pumpkins.

I was proud of all the kids for actually cleaning out their own goop this year without complaint.  

Ruby had to be right in on the action and could not be contained, so we eventually had to put the poor girl to bed, so we could finish carving.  

They were quite proud of their creations.  

I LOVE costumes and helping everyone figure out what they want to be. Usually I like to piece together or make the kids’, but this year I ended up buying everyones, which I ended up loving too.  

Crew was a Cowboy Hulk and Chewbacca.

We also had Jasmine, Raja, and a storm trooper. 

Chewie doing his roar. 

And a shower. 

The kids have plotted against me and have decided they will not cooperate for group pictures.  

Luckily Paul’s CEO invited us to a party, so I had an excuse to make myself a costume! Thanks to Julianne’s help, we finished it in our 2 day window.  

And it reminded me of my love of hot glue and putting a unique costume together. Maybe next year I’ll find it in myself to make some of the kid’s costumes.   

(con’t to read for further costume pictures)

One of my kid’s favorite parts of Halloween in our Neighborhood Carnival

We kept it super simple this time around and it was heaven.  

I didn’t want to be Room Mom this year, but alas I was roped into it.  The good thing is, I enjoy throwing a good **classroom party.

Paul impressed all the kindergartners with his amazing costume too. :)  

Can’t forget the sweet halloween parade.  Miles was crying before hand and didn’t want to do it, but he of course ended up loving it.  
And seriously, look at this girl!! I did her makeup before school for the Halloween Parade and I could not get over how old she looked!!

Now, onto the real reason we all love Halloween so much, trick or treating.  

The excitement level was at an all time high as they started out the evening by running around the townhouses.  

I love trick or treating in our neighborhood!
Seriously, it’s the best.  Seeing everyone and their costumes, and all the happy kids running around…it’s my favorite.  
Ruby was pretty much the cutest thing trying to keep up with the kids.  She didn’t get too much candy, as she did not get the concept of putting it in her bucket.  But, I could of watched that little tiger trick or treat all day.  

She got a little worn out by the end though.  

After trick or treating we came home, shoved some candy down, and put the kids right to bed.  Then we got ready for my favorite part of this year’s halloween!

We actually got to go to an Adult Halloween Party.  

Simon and Garfunkel, a pinata, titanic survivor.

I loved getting to dress up and eat and dance until midnight.  

And having Brenden and Julianne here is pretty much the best, they know how to have a good time.  

It seriously felt so good to dance like that, it had been way too long.  Good for the soul, I tell you.  

Best Halloween yet!!