It’s a very sad evening in our house, well for me at least. Fall break is over, which means tomorrow I have to go back to a schedule.

I loved having Macey home and getting to live schedule free for a few days.

I have missed lazy mornings, where I can actually let Macey sleep as long as she needs. She’s like a moody teenager when I wake her up at 8:15 for school.

We didn’t do anything exciting, which kind of made it even nicer.

We got to:

Play with friends all day. Old, New and even our favorite Californians came up (that makes 4x this year that I’ve seen Emily).

Eat breakfast at Krispy Kreme.



Decorate for halloween and play in the costume tub.

And this kid of course won’t stop growing.

I suppose I should go to bed now, since I have to be well rested in order to deal with Macey in the morning (and yes, she goes to bed at 7:30). Only 5 weeks until Thanksgiving Break!