Christmas was awesome, of course. We stayed home and did our own thing this year, which was different for us, but turned out to be perfect. A relaxing and Mellow Christmas was just what we needed.

We tried to make things exciting for M&M since we deprived them of cousins and grandparents. I think it worked.

Here is a picture overload, since I’m sure you are dying to see exactly how we spent our holiday. :)

Did I mention we had a White Christmas?! I don’t know why, but snow just makes it that much more magical.

Crew was also popular, as he needed help opening presents. Miles actually helping Crew…A Christmas Miracle.

And Luckily our neighbors were kind enough to come over for Christmas dinner and a few games, it helped to fill the void of our families and added the needed craziness we are used to.

Only 360 more days until next Christmas.