He has almost survived his first year of life! 

Crew is pretty much a giant baby and is often confused for a toddler.  

He has started pulling up, but is still on the fence on whether he likes it or not. He mostly just prefers to be on his knees still, which is just fine with me.  

I’m pretty excited that this kid might actually have curly hair! 

He loves making messes and emptying things.  Although I’m hoping he develops a love for putting things away too. :)

One of my favorite things Crew does, is the way he always has to make sure that you are watching him.  He will lean his neck way out just to make sure you can see him, whether it’s over the couch, around the corner, or just over some heads in the grocery cart. Love him. 

He loves Macey and sometimes Miles.  Sometimes he doesn’t mind Miles screaming in his face, other times it freaks him out.  Poor baby.

This week though when Crew had a bloody lip from another fall, Miles was actually concerned and was crying, “My baby brother! What wrong with my baby brother?” and then he gave him a hug.  It’s moments like these that give me a small glimmer of hope. 

Crew has actually been whiney this week and I’m hoping it’s due to some teeth coming in or something! He has pretty much been my constant shadow, which is cute and annoying at the same time.

Now I have got to get going on first birthday party planning!  I cannot believe it is almost here.