I’m am currently EXTREMELY lazy. As a result of this laziness I have been posting pictures on instagram that I normally would post on my blog. Today I stopped mid instagram and decided to take the 10 min to do a blog post, so I can actually remember what life was like in March of 2013. Lucky you. :)

After Miles’ joyous reunion with Macey at kindergarten pickup, he requested a picnic. I of course had to agree since we hit the mid 50’s today, talk about a heat wave! Perfect weather for our first picnic of the year.

Miles of course has a gun and is shooting who knows what.

Crew was not allowed on the blanket.

It was very reminiscent of Macey banning Miles from her picnic blanket too. Gives me hope that Miles and Crew will be friends someday.

M&M dined on lunchables and juice boxes, talk about lazy.

I laid there soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible. Crew spent his time checking out the grass and adjusting to the strange light in the sky.

Miles was also excited to show off his new found scootering skills. I was just happy he’s improved enough to make it down the sidewalk without throwing his scooter and screaming at it.

These are the moments I love being a stay at mom. I’m not going to talk about how “you know what” broke out once we came inside. Luckily the warmth of the sun helped me to handle the situation without loosing complete control. :)

In other warm weather news, we were happy to go to Farm Country this week! And were very pleased to find out our Season Pass to Thanksgiving Point lets us have unlimited pony rides. Talk about awesome.

One last thing…

I was so proud of myself for getting all 3 kids ready for church by myself Sunday (Paul’s been out of town), I had to document my success. They of course weren’t cooperative, but they’re so cute it doesn’t really matter.

Besides, it’s a small miracle I even got Miles to sit this close to Crew.