Time continues to move and Macey started 1st grade this week. Which means we have graduated to all day school (so grateful for half day kindergarten).

There were a few tears from her a few weeks before and statements like, “But, Mom, I am going to miss you!”  and “You’ll be doing all this fun stuff without me!”, and ”I just want to play with my friends all day!”, and my personal favorite; “I don’t want the snow to come, I want it to be summer forever!”

I wasn’t too worried about her though, I knew when it came down to it, it was going to be me who wasn’t ready. And besides, we lived it up this summer, there wasn’t anything off our summer bucket list left to do.  

We met her adorable teacher at back to school night, found her desk, where her back pack goes, found out that her best girl friend from kindergarten was in her class, and then her teacher gave her a blow pop.  That’s all it took, she was so excited and ready to go.
The night before we did our annual back to school dinner and the girl couldn’t stop grinning.   

I made little jar cakes, so her and Miles could make back to school wishes.  Macey wished to make lots of new friends and Miles wished for Raffy to go to school.  

When I asked if she wanted me to walk her into her classroom that first morning she said, “Nope, I’m good mom.”  and then turned and started chatting with her friends.  

So, off she went without even looking back.  I was just happy I had some friends this year to pass the anxious minutes while we waited for the bell to ring.  

I was reading the outline of what they are going to be learning this year and I just got so excited for her.  School can be such a magical place and I am so happy she’s getting to learn more and more about this awesome world we live in.

Macey’s report of the first day:

Loved everything about it.  Eating lunch with her friends, getting to go to 2 recesses, getting candy from her teacher for being good, singing songs, using the big bathroom, and having her own box with school supplies.  She said she only missed me and thought about me once in the morning, but then she was having too much fun.  :)

Miles’ Report of his first day without Macey:

He actually handled it way better than I anticipated. 
He loved not having to take turns pushing buttons in the library elevator.  He was seriously jumping up and down screaming when he realized he could push both the inside and outside buttons.  He was also pretty happy, that even though it was Macey’s turn with the Costco receipt, he got to hand it to the worker. Macey was never far from his thoughts though, because he made sure to pick out some library books for her and he wanted to get her a blue coconut slush for after school.

I also want to to note, for memory sake, that Miles packed himself a lunch in his new Jake backpack which consisted of Jake fruit snacks, cheetos, and an applesauce. 

My Report:

I was pretty lonely without my little shadow and chatter box around.  I could of used her a few times to help keep Miles under control and I missed being able to yell down from upstairs to see if Crew was still alive and have fairly reliable source to say “yay” or “nay”. 

On a positive note, I found this transition way easier than last year.  It helped being somewhat familiar with the school, actually knowing other moms, and perhaps not having a newborn too. 

I love this girl and I cannot believe we have entered all day school, but she is ready for this big wide world, so I guess I better get used it.    

*Macey wanted me to add that she is wearing her “Stallion” dress (their mascot is The Stallions) in the first day of school pics.  There was no talking her out of this outfit.  She wants to wear it every Friday for Stallion Pride Day. :)