We just returned from a very quick, but fun filled, trip to Christopher’s wedding in Sacramento.

This was Macey first LONG car ride, by herself in the back, since she was a baby. I am happy to report that the travel bags worked like a dream! Her favorites were the dinosaurs, stickers, and pipe cleaners. They actually worked a little too well, as she never wanted to get out of her carseat. The only time she wasn’t throwing fits was actually in the car. :)

I set it up so she could grab the bags as she wanted and could put them away when she was done.

On the ride there she mostly just had one bag out at time, but the ride home she accumulated quite a pile. I didn’t mind the mess though, as it kept her well entertained for 11 hours .

The day before the wedding we went to Fairytale Town. Macey’s favorite was the Pirate Ship and we had to drag her out of it. This is her and Paul on the Crooked Mile, Paul ended up having to carry, her since a long line was forming behind them.

On Saturday we headed to the Oakland Temple for the wedding! Macey followed Shaunna around everywhere and refered to her as Princess Shaunna.

Our family and Shaunna’s family. You’ll notice Macey is missing. She wasn’t being the most cooperative 2 yr old, so we decided to leave her playing in the rocks for this pic.

Aren’t they so cute!

We are so glad that Shaunna is part of our family now, we all just love her!

As a result of the many, many, many fits that were thrown my Macey on our trip, I decided to start a sticker chart with her. When she listens to me the first time I ask and she doesn’t throw a fit, she gets to put a sticker on. So far it has worked pretty well and we’ll probably be bringing it on our trip to Washington next week. Hopefully Macey will be a bit more cooperative on this trip!