So, today my first offical day home alone with both Macey and Miles. It has been quite an eventful day so far and yet we haven’t really done anything.

A few things I have learned today:

1. Miles spits up, alot

This is the dirty laundry pile that Miles made in just a few short hours.

2. Due to #1, Miles will be wearing only onesies when we’re at home.

3. Miles doesn’t bat an eye when Macey is doing this (which she has been doing all day and is currently still doing):

This particular fit was brought on by me referring to a picture of a goose as a goose, when Macey wanted me to call it a duck.

This is what Mies does, even when Macey is screaming right next to him:

4. I’ve never been so tired from doing pretty much nothing all day.

5. The fact that one of my wonderful neighbors will be bringing me a delicious meal tonight makes me happier than I ever could of imagined.


6. Dr. Pepper can ALWAYS make me feel better.

And just because I need a reminder today about how cute and fun Macey is, I saw this picture for the first time last night from my brother’s wedding this summer. I think it’s pretty adorable.