This years Summerfest was the best yet! Due to the crazy weather we’ve been having, the lines were shorter and the parade wasn’t quite as crowded!

This being our 2nd year to attend, we also made sure to put our blankets out Friday morning for the parade Saturday night in order to secure a good viewing spot. We were a little worried when the lightning, thunder, wind, and rain hit Saturday afternoon, but luckily by the time we headed over it was nice and warm.

Macey and Robbie loved all the rides, but the car one was their favorite.

The parade also kept their attention much better this year and they would yell “hi” and “bye” to many of the floats. Macey’s favorite float was some bank float because it had a huge piggy bank on it, she is easily pleased.

The rain came towards the end of the parade and everyone around us started scattering, it was hilarious. Apparently most people in Utah don’t like to watch parades in the rain, being from Washington I don’t mind getting a little wet. Here’s a picture of the area next to us, which was FULL of people about 2 min before it started raining.

Mandi and I just moved over to huddle under a tree.

The rain also stopped just in time for the fireworks to start, so it turned out to be a pretty perfect evening! Thank you City of Orem!

Pregnancy Update(for those who care): I’m 16 weeks, I still feel gross, I’m still throwing up, I’m still not cooking, cleaning, or doing anything at all useful, and I’m still a bit grouchy. Paul and I both hope I start feeling better soon. :)