For anyone who is familiar with the Taco Bell on Center St. in Orem, be prepared, you are about to be amazed.

Paul and I learned a long time ago (3 1/2 yrs ago to be exact) that you NEVER get in this particular Taco Bell’s drive thru line. It doesn’t matter if there is only 1 car, it will take forever. We have made that mistake a few too many times thinking, “oh, there’s only 3 cars, it won’t take that long…“ 20 min later you are still in line waiting for your food watching all the happy people inside, while you’re kicking yourself with no way to escape the line.

Well, tonight as we pulled into Taco Bell we noticed there were no cars in line. We were still a little hesitate to get in the drive thru, because there is no way out once you enter, but we figured we still had a few min until the BYU game started so we’d risk it.

I am still astonished, but we were in and out of the drive thru line in just 3 min.! I don’t think this will ever happen to me again in this lifetime, so I’m just happy I got to experience it this one time!