You know all those articles people post on facebook and pinterest about how these are the best years of your life and enjoy your little kids now, because you will miss it when they get older?  

Or there was the time an older lady at Target told me how she enjoyed every minute when her kids were little, as I was wrestling with Miles, yelling at Macey to come back, and ignoring the screaming Crew in my cart.  And my response was “Really, EVERY moment?” Because I knew I was not enjoying myself at that particular time.  

Well, I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly are the things I will  miss when they grow up? You know, the ones that are currently grating on my sick prego nerves and making me feel like I might actually go insane.  

Here’s what I have come up with thus far:

Miles CONSTANTLY asking what things start with, telling me what things start with, and asking how to spell words.  While I know it’s a good sign he’s so interested in words, I sometimes just want to get through a meal, drive, walk, conversation…without having to tell him what letter 100 different words start with.  

Crew ‘helping’ by sweeping and in turn knocking everything over and hitting unsuspecting children with the broom handle and walking right through my pile of crumbs.

Loud car rides of laughing, singing, screaming, hugging, and poking.  Sometimes all I want is silence, but then I remind myself they are little and expecting them to ride silently is not only not age appropriate, it is also pretty lame. So, I turn up the music and hope no one gets their eye poked out.   

The never ending pile of books they want read to them and having to read the same “Who Would Win” books over and over and over again.  Then there’s the pile of books Macey wants to read to me.  

Pushing Crew and Miles in the swings at the park.  They would stay there all day if I allowed it.  

then there’s the typical, dirty handprints and smudges EVERYWHERE. Teeth marks on all wood furniture in our entire house and finding random traces of food on the ceiling. 

Food and tracks of mud on my floor right after I finish mopping.

reminding Miles not to pee outside where all the neighbors are and to use the toilet.

kid jokes 

Finding condiments, otter pops, and anything else Crew steals from the fridge, hiding under the couch. And finding silverware, toys, and other important things in the garbage can. 

Having to pretend I’m scared every time Miles and Crew yell “BOO!” at me.  Which comes out to exactly 100 times a day. 

So, for now I’m trying to enjoy the chaos because, I know that someday my house and car will be quiet.  I will be able to shower without screaming children. I will get through a trip to the grocery store with all my dignity still intact. I might even find the energy/motivation to get in shape.  

Someday they won’t ask me every question on their mind and they will realize that I don’t know everything. And I might even miss pushing them in the park swings.  

I know I will miss their chubby cheeks and chubby hands.  

The slobbery kisses on the lips and the absolute hilarious things they say.   I will miss the adorable tiny clothes and the way Crew runs. I will miss Miles’ extremely loud screams of happiness.  And I will miss Macey whispering in my ear that I am her favorite person in the entire world.

I might even miss them constantly jumping on my orange couch.

I will most definitely miss being the center of their universe.  

The rest only time will tell, but I am pretty sure I will miss it all.