I’m not one to set New Year’s resolutions or goals. But, this year I decided there is one thing I want to work on- having more fun with Macey and Miles. I haven’t exactly been enjoying being a mom these days. So, I decided to do something about it.

Lately I’ve been realizing that I don’t really get down and play with them enough. I’ll play board games, do puzzles, and play hide and go seek daily, but I’m always thinking about what else I have to do and then sneaking upstairs when they’re not looking.

So, this week I’ve been playing. Which I really haven’t done since I used to babysit. it’s been a blast and we’re all so much happier at the end of the day.

We’ve built a pony house out of a box and decorated it.

Had the pony house destroyed by “Really Big Baby”.

I’ve gone on many adventure as either Dora or Diego. We’ve made maps, sang their songs, jumped on cushions to get away from sharks, flown in helicopters and rescued many animals.

I even actually set up Macey’s princess tent myself. Usually when Macey requests something like this I tell her to wait for Paul because I’m too lazy. :)

And we’ve of course also had multiple tea parties, put together every puzzle at least once, and read who knows how many books. While I am extremely grateful Macey and Miles can play perfectly well on their own, I don’t want to waste these few years I have them all to myself. Especially when Macey’s imagination is so fun right now.

After reading my friend Rachel’s blog I also remembered how I didn’t want to be the mom that didn’t let their kids jump on their beds or the couch cushions. So, now I don’t care if Macey flips over the back of the couch or if she puts all the cushions on the floor to jump on them. Who cares if my couch doesn’t last 20 years, I’ll probably want a new one by then anyways.

Oh and I’ve noticed Macey and Miles are even playing together better this week! I actually walked in on this:

This in itself is a miracle if you are familiar with the Macey and Miles relationship. :)

So, here’s a new year of being more fun and more relaxed. But, then again life can’t be too boring when you’re surrounded by these kids all the time.

This was on Macey’s first day of Sunbeams (sunday school) last week!