I’ve been feeling the need for a change in my appearance, I feel like I’ve looked the same (w/ a few additional wrinkles) for the past 7 years! Same hair, same makeup, same clothes.

Since I’m too lazy to workout, loosing the extra baby weight wasn’t an option. Buying an entire new wardrobe was a bit out of the budget. So, I decided to change up the hair.

I’ve been wearing my hair in some sort of pony tail almost everyday for what feels like a year. It’s been dry, frizzy, and just hasn’t been curling the way I wish it would. I am also WAY too lazy to spend the hour plus it takes to make it straight, so thus the trusted pony tail.

A few months ago I heard about the Brazilian Blowout. Have you heard of these? I only recently had, but apparently they are all the rage in Hollywood (not that I keep tabs or anything). I only knew it was a de-frizzing treatment that can pretty much change your life. I wanted one, bad.

I called my wonderful talented hairstylist Laura, who just happens to be a pro at doing Brazilian Blowouts. She filled me in on the details and price (only $125! Most people I talked to paid $300 at least). I thought about asking/telling Paul before I scheduled, but decided what makes me happy will make Paul happy therefore he’d be all for the Brazilian Blowout. :)

So, I walked into her salon looking like this:

An hour and half and one brazilian blowout later, I came home looking like this:

And that is with no flat iron or round brush!! All Laura did was blow dry it straight with a paddle brush. I seriously couldn’t stop looking at it and running my fingers through it. Laura always straightens my hair after I get a haircut, but it has NEVER been this stick straight. I don’t even have any fly aways and believe me, that in itself is a miracle!

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who didn’t have to wash their hair everyday and now I am, don’t be too jealous. I didn’t even brush it the next day!! I threw a headband in and was good to go. Pretty much this is one of the better decisions I have made in my life.

Today though was the real test. I washed my hair. I styled my hair. Now, I am someone who has straightened my hair on my own only a handful of times, meaning I am not good at it. I let my hair air dry, which I was shocked at how decent it actually looked! I could totally get away with letting my hair air dry on days I’m just hanging out around the house. But, I was dying to see how long it would take me to make it perfectly straight.

In less than 10 minutes my hair went from this:

to this:

Not bad, I should be even faster at doing it tomorrow!

Don’t worry though, I am not loosing my curl forever, I love my curls they are so much of who I am. They should start to come back in a month or so, but they should be less frizzy and much easier to handle.

In case you’re wondering The Brazilian Blowout lasts about 10-12 weeks. And, if you are interested in getting one I would contact my hairstylist Laura, cause she is amazing and the cheapest around (her prices are going up in January though, so call now).

Here’s here info:

Laura Palmer

Stewart Palmer Studio


1924 N 1120 W

Provo, UT

I really am in love and it is seriously one of the better decisions I have made in the last year. Yeah for change.