For those of you that don’t know, Macey is a bit indifferent towards Miles. She likes him, she is always interested in what he is doing, and she enjoys giving him toys. The problem is Macey just always makes sure she doesn’t get close enough to where Miles could actually reach out and touch her.

She has not willingly touched him since the moment they first met on November 20th. That though has all changed this week.

Macey has now requested to hold Miles 3 times! And she is even beginning to interact with him. She must be feeling the love of the holiday.

Here are a few of the moments we’ve been able to capture this week!

I don’t know what changed. I’m thinking she must of missed him when he was in the hospital. Whatever it was though we’re very happy and Miles is especially happy that Macey will now allow him to look at her. Maybe it will only be a few more months until Macey will give him a kiss. Baby Steps.