We introduced The Rensink Family to our favorite camping spot.  

They approved, because it’s awesome.  

The kids (and Brenden) kept themselves busy playing in the creek and getting as dirty as possible.  

Ruby once again settled right back into the camping lifestyle.  

We pretty much had the entire campground to ourselves, so we went on lots of walks exploring the different sites, aka keeping Ruby out of trouble and out of the fire.  

There was signs everywhere about bear safety, so Crew was demonstrating how he would protect me from the bears if we were attacked.  

As you can tell, I felt very safe.  

There were of course games being played.  

And what’s better than playing cards by the light of a lantern!

We also roasted S’mores.

And Paul and Brenden participated in a Chubby Bunny contest with the giant marshmallows.  Paul was victorious with 3!

We had an eventful night of rain, thunder, lightning, and sharing our bed with Ruby.  

It’s what camping with kids is all about, right? :)  

We went on a little nature walk that morning to keep the crazies entertained. 

The best find was these giant leaves that worked as perfect umbrellas, since you know, it was raining.  

We nailed another hiking selfie.  

We are sure glad the Rensink Family moved closer and that they are always up for an adventure.  

And seriously these boys and their “Hug Dance”.  Best friends.  

The sign of a good time.  

So grateful we have these mountains to explore!