I have been wanting to get some reusable grocery bags for some time now, but the only ones I could find around here had the Target logo all over them. While I’d still be helping the environment, I wanted my bags to at least be a little bit attractive. Since my parents are from the Northwest I knew they’d have a plethora of bag choices. My mom pulled through and brought me 5 reusable bags from Trader Joes (see picture). Now these are still extremely tacky, but much better than the alternatives I’ve been able to find here and also alot cheaper. I have used them twice now and I’ve never felt so good after a grocery shopping trip. I feel like I’m saving the world one plastic bag at a time! I still haven’t seen a single other person using reusable grocery bags here, but hopefully some of my hippieness will begin to wear off on my fellow Utah shoppers.

Who knows maybe someday I’ll invest in a reusable bag like this one. It’s only 8x more than what I paid for 1 Trader Joe bag.