I am not a fan of Thanksgiving food. Turkey, gravy, and stuffing are 3 foods I could live without. When we discovered that no one needed a home to go to for Thanksgiving, we took this opportunity to head to Golden Corral. And i was extremely happy that I didn’t have to cook or plan a big meal.

I was a little worried when I saw the line, but it was constantly moving and only took about 30 min until we were seated at our booth. The people watching helped to pass the time too, there was defiantly a unique crowd there.

I believe I ate 6 plates total! It was so nice to have so many choices of food and the fact that the only “Thanksgiving Food” Macey, Miles, and I ate was mashed potatoes, made me quite happy I didn’t slave away in the kitchen all day.

Paul also completely gorged himself and was slightly worried he might puke all over the restaurant when he took Miles on his last trip to the ice cream machine. I believe that is the sign of a successful Thanksgiving Meal.

We of course played Turkey Bingo later that evening, which never disappoints. Macey loves it more every year and was very happy that she won the Cute Kitties calendar that she picked out as a prize. Pretty sure she retired after she won that one.

Here’s what everyone was most thankful for this year:

Miles The Pirate Ride at Disneyland

Crew The soft rug in the living room, his comfy carseat, and people to look at.

Macey Jesus, our family, and Turkey Bingo

Paul That the Texans won and our awesome family

Me that Paul shaved his mustache, i didn’t have any dishes to do, and of course our sweet family.

I’d say it was a successful Thanksgiving!