My week is not complete without a night out on the town- minus children plus Paul.

We didn’t have a babysitting lined up one weekend about a month ago and by the time 8:00 on Saturday night rolled around I was dying to get out of the house. So, we texted our favorite babysitter and did. I will never make that mistake again. In our house everyone knows if they want me to be sane and happy we get a babysitter, every week.

Last night did not dissapoint.

Good Friends
P.F. Changs
Nickel City
Fake Mustaches
Target, while wearing said Mustaches
oh, and one of the best babysitters around

I felt like I was in college again and that was exactly what I needed. We even stayed up until 1:00 am, well worth it.

So, “Yea” for great babysitters, husbands who don’t mind forking over the cash, great friends, and fake mustaches.