If I was teaching this year my first day of school would be tomorrow! I am having an extremely hard time coming to the realization that I will not be teaching for awhile. I ran into one of my old kids at American Eagle and it made me so sad to know that I won’t get to see them every day and see them grow. I am going to miss the girls I work with, seeing my class as they get excited about everything, read aloud, 27 sets of eager eyes on me, and especially getting to see my old kids (my 1st year kids will be 5th graders this year)! On the other hand if I went back to work I would miss Macey’s laugh, Macey’s smile, Macey screaming out of excitement when you get her from her naps, Having time to read, getting to cook, having time to clean my house, and spending time with Paul! I also can’t imagine the stress I would be feeling and I am kind of enjoying my low stress (at the moment) life. So, for now I will enjoy my time that I have with Macey and be grateful that I get to be here to watch her cute personality grow and develop.