My neighbor Gina and I organized an egg hunt again this year, since the city ones are way too crazy for us. It’s awesome to just walk out our front door and not have to fight the crowds.  It has become one of my favorite neighborhood traditions.  Love these people.  

Miles of course wouldn’t stay behind the rope while we waited to start, I can only imagine the stress this would of caused the egg snatching parents at the city hunt.  

Everyone of course loved their Easter Baskets Sunday morning and I am pretty sure Miles ate most of his candy before we even left for church.  My theory is the sooner they eat it all the better. :)  

Macey got her first big lego set and was in heaven working on it all morning.

The Easter Bunny was a genius and got Miles a Bubble Gun, two of his favorite things in one.

We once again attempted to get pictures of everyone, maybe one day we will actually get all 3 kids together.  Poor Little Crew.

Matthew, Tessa, Tara, and Trina came over for dinner Sunday.  Pretty sure this was the most mellow holiday dinner I have ever hosted.  We even had time to go for a family bike ride while the ham cooked.  It was pretty great.  
            And can I say, I really love the view coming up our street.
                            Utah has its moments. 

And Macey was quite festive with her bunny shirt and helmet.

We of course had to stop and pick dandelions. 

Yay for spring!