Paul decided to make a Bike Wash this weekend, it was quite the hit with the neighborhood.

Here they all are lined up and ready to go.

It eventually turned into a kid wash.

He has a few tweaks to make for next time, but it can counted as a huge success.

We of course spent a lot of time staring at Crew. Macey and Miles always make sure Crew has all his toys when he’s on the ground, they wouldn’t want him to get bored.

And after about a 3 month break, I finally went back to church today! And since we were actually ready early we snapped a family picture to document the event.

And can I just say that black dress I’m wearing is the most amazing piece of clothing I own! It always fits me, no matter what. Love that dress, if only I’d bought more than 1.

Overall I think the weekend can be documented as a success.