I cannot believe it but Macey is 3 today! She informed me this morning that she is now a big girl, which I have to admit she is.


Here are some of Macey’s current Favorite Things:

Color: White
Songs: “The Woohoo Song” AKA The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stepani and Superman by Goldfinger
Princess: Cinderella
TV Show: Dora
Food: Yogurt
To Do: Dance, read, and perform tricks

3 Words to Describe Macey: Energetic, Dramatic, and Cute

Macey showing me how old she is, while enjoying her birthday donut.

When I asked Macey what she wanted to do today, she said, “dance to mom songs with Raf and Mom.”

I got reprimanded for sitting down when I should of been dancing.

Macey keeps us constantly on our toes and can always make us laugh. We love our Macey and are so lucky to have her in our family!!

This weekend is the much anticipated Dora Party! I won’t be doing as much for it as I planned (my excuse can be found in the previous post), but I don’t think Macey will mind. Pictures to come soon.