I had my most laid back Thanksgiving yet. I think we’ve finally figured out the organization and timing of everything, and it helped that there were only 9 of us this year. Plus, I don’t have a 1 week old baby.

Paul built Macey and Miles a fort to entertain them while we prepped the turkey. It worked like a dream.

Paul, Christopher, Shaunna, and Macey were like professional potato pealers. Pretty sure they broke the record for the fastest time to peel 10 lbs of potatoes. Amazing.

Our group for the feast:

Miles’ favorite part of the day was the food, specifically the Jello and pie.

Macey’s favorite was the Turky BINGO prizes. One of her favorite fabulous prizes was the balloon rockets. Pretty much today was like her Christmas warm up.

My favorite part of the day was of course Turky BINGO. It is one of my favorite traditions of the year, although this year I only won 2 prizes and one of those was in the loser round too. I know, pathetic showing.

Paul’s favorite part of the day, having people to play video games with. Nice.

Now Shaunna, Tessa, and I are off to the mall, which has stores opening at midnight. While the boys play even more video games. Pretty good ending for a pretty good day.

Thank you Thanksgiving.