This morning we woke up to snow. Yes, snow in October. My first thought was that my Halloween costume consists of shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt (I know, poor planning on my part)!

Macey though could not of been happier. And she of course requested we go play immediately, pajamas and all. Luckily I had just bought Miles snow pants, unfortunately I have yet to buy them gloves. But, that wasn’t going to stop us, it just brought us inside sooner than normal.

Miles liked the snow, until he decided to crawl over to me in his mittenless hands.

While I am not a fan of snow anytime before Thanksgiving, at least my kids are fans. Well, they’ll big bigger fans once I find them some gloves.

I just hope this weather doesn’t put too big a damper on our Halloween plans, because I’d hate to cover up our awesome costumes with big winter coats.