This years Thanksgiving went much smoother for me than last year, I guess it helps that it is now the third one I’ve had to do and I’m slowly figuring out how to best do things. Paul also learned his lesson last year and actually helped me do the dishes instead of playing the Wii with everyone else. :)

My favorite part of Thanksgiving this year was Turkey BINGO and the fabulous prizes that entailed. This years prizes were the best yet and I walked away with a good load. My second favorite part was that Christopher’s friend, Devin, made extremely yummy chocolate silk pies from scratch and I ate 3 pieces ( I had to make up for not eating turkey or stuffing)!! Another very enjoyable part of the day was watching/playing powerpad and trying to fit 6 adults on the pad at once for Tug-a-War. It was a good way to burn off a small portion of the days calories.

I’m so grateful that even though we are away from our family (minus Christopher) we have great friends here that we’ve been able to start our own traditions with. I’m already looking forward to our annual game of Monster Baseball on Easter!!

My yummy Turkey cookies I made and that the boys laughed at me for making for them.

Playing Guitar Hero while we waited for the turkey to finish and some random kid came in and tried to eat our cookies.

Turkey BINGO

The look Macey sported for most of the evening.