Hard to believe it, but this kid won’t stop growing and has decided it’s ok to turn 3.

For the first time I am actually slightly happy that Miles is getting slightly older, the two’s have been a bit of a challenge for us and I am hoping that we will get things more under control this year. Luckily I still think he’s the cutest thing ever, so I can never stay frustrated for too long. I suppose they make the crazy ones cute for a reason. :)

He pretty much loved his birthday, but then again who doesn’t love a day all about them?

Miles of course got spoiled. And can I say his new Bucky Pirate Ship is pretty much the coolest toy ever. He even turned down playing on the ipad to keep playing with Bucky, that has never happened before.

Here’s some info about Miles at 3, according to Miles:

favorite color: Blue
favorite Show: Diego
favorite movie- Ice Age
favorite Song: Wheels on the Bus
What do you want to be when you grow up: (yelling and throwing toys) “I’m a big kid, I not grow up!”
Best Friend: Tajen
favorite Book:T-Rex ones
favorite thing to Do: play with Bucky and Mace
favorite toy: Bucky and raffy
favorite Snack: cereal

3 words I would use to describe Miles: opinionated, fun, and curious

My current favorite things about Miles: How he still lets me hug and kiss him all day long, how he says “hmmmmm” when you ask him a question, and his laugh.

He is really starting to talk now (and I can understand most of it) and I am loving getting a better picture of how he views the world and his opinions on things.

We sure do love our crazy Miles and he always makes life exciting.