Life is good for Crew at 6 months. He is still a mellow, happy, and friendly baby. We _(well, except Miles)_just can’t get enough of him.

He has mastered the sit and prefers this position as he is less likely to get stepped on while sitting up.

We finally fed him real food and he of course loves it. So far I’ve cut him off after an entire jar. As you can tell by his physique, this kid can eat.

His hair is growing back.


he is still just as cute as ever.

Photo Credit of the Good Pictures goes to Holly of hRob Photography, of course. She took these in less than 10 min on her dinning room table. Sometimes I don’t know what we’d do without her.

Since I can’t resist a baby comparison, here you go:

Macey (7 months):
26.25 inches
16 lbs 14 oz

27.5 inches
18 lbs 6 oz
head 44 cm

28 1/4 inches
19 lbs 9 oz
head 45.7 cm