We had perfect weather for fall break this year and so we did something we’ve never done before in October…we want to the pond.

It was actually Ruby’s first time at this pond and she was loving life.  

It helped that we had the whole place to ourselves and lots of friends to play with and give her snacks.  

So glad Julianne and Gina are always up for a good time and didn’t mind the extremely nasty water.  Luckily none of the kids got sick. :)  

Paul wanted to take the kids bowling, but I just kept thinking how horrible it would be.  

Confined space, heavy balls, changing kids shoes, and the crying if they lost…

Turns out I was wrong.  It was a blast and the kids loved it.  

Look at that little jump after knocking down some pins.  Totally worth it.  

Other excitement included:

Carousel Ride

Kirsten came out of storage

Emmie invited Macey over to play, so I was hoping that maybe she would want to take Kirsten with her, since Emmie loves American Girl Dolls.  It worked, 4th time is the charm, she’s in love with Kirsten.  

Movie Nights

And even some late night coding

It went by too fast, can’t wait for the next school break.