I wasn’t too excited for my birthday this year because I really haven’t enjoyed my last few birthdays. This hasn’t been because I’m getting older or that Paul has been mean to me, it’s just been bad timing. Last year we were moving into our new house, so I painted all day and Paul was putting in the floors. The year before that I was just barely pregnant and threw up all day. This year made up for every crappy birthday I’d ever had though.

I was excited because Paul was coming home to have lunch with me, but it turned out I wasn’t eating lunch with him at all. When he arrived home he handed me an envelope that contained an itinerary and an undisclosed amount of money.

My itinerary went as follows:

12:00 Departure. Jenni will arrive and you will leave for lunch.

12:30 Lunch. Pei Wei

1:20 Pedicure at California Nails

2:00-5:30 Shopping. Don’t come back with any money!

I was so excited and I thought this was the best present he could of ever given me. I defiantly didn’t think there was going to be more to my day. But, I was a little confused because I knew Paul had something else planned, since last week while I was at the gym and mutual he had gone on a 3 hour secret shopping trip. I tried to put my curiosity out of my mind though and enjoy my afternoon.

Jenni and I left for Pei Wei and Paul said he was taking Macey to my friend Mandi’s house while he went back to work. I had a great day with Jenni eating, shopping, and talking. It was so nice not have Macey with me so I could actually enjoy my lunch and conversations and I was actually able to try clothes on with someone who actually knew what looked good and what didn’t.

We got back to house at 5:45 (as requested by Paul). Paul was very dirty when he greeted us at the door and I could tell he defiantly had not gone back into work. But, I still had no idea what was going on. He led me to the basement for my surprise. That’s when I started screaming! He had taken the useless area where all of my craft stuff was stored in extremely unorganized broken drawers, into an area I actually wanted to use! While I was out having fun with Jenni, Paul had taken the rest of the day off and was painting, organizing, building, and putting together my craft corner. I couldn’t have been more surprised or impressed (he actually sorted and organized all of my stuff!). The shopping alone would of made this one of my best birthday’s ever, but this put it way over the top.

Paul you are the best husband I could of ever dreamed of! You knew exactly what would make me happy without me even telling you. Thanks for making me feel so special!

I also want to thank everyone else for helping make my birthday so great. Thanks for the calls, the texts, the emails, the comments,the packages and the cards. Thanks Don and Mandi for letting Paul store everything in your basement. And, thanks Trina and Jenni for helping Paul out with my surprises and doing such a good job at keeping it a secret.