Since my summer cannot be complete without a trip to Bellingham, Macey and I used Christopher and Shaunna’s reception as the perfect excuse to hop on a plane to Seattle.

In between getting things ready for the reception, we got to go to a few of my favorite places, which just served as a reminder that there aren’t many places prettier than Bellingham.

Lake Whatcom
Macey was quite brave and wanted to tube with me. She LOVED it! She was putting her hands up and laughing the entire time. Unfortunately, the ride didn’t last too long as she had just thrown up in the boat and she was squishing my expanding belly. :)

My sisters has a picture on her blog where Macey actually has her hands up.

We also spent an afternoon at a public “beach” on the lake. Macey was a bit confused by the rocks and lack of sand, but she quickly warmed up. She collected lots of rocks, did lots of splashing, and was lucky enough to get a ride in a kayak from Uncle.

While we waited for the clouds to part so we could go out on the lake again, we passed an afternoon at Larrabee State Park. We were lucky enough to see lots of star fish, crabs, and even sea kelp!

We ended our fun filled week with Christopher and Shaunna’s reception. Macey was a good sport too and even skipped her nap in order to socialize.

This is my favorite picture from the trip. Macey sure loves her Nana!

The highlight of the trip though was watching Macey and Kaylin play together! They had the absolute best time and Macey can’t wait until she can see “kayin” again.

Unfortunately the day before Macey and I were to fly back home the stomach flu hit!

So, while we had the best time hanging out with the fam, I’m a bit worn out on traveling and am looking forward to a few travel free months. :)