We just returned from 4 fun filled and exhausting days in Disneyland. Four days was the perfect amount for us. It gave us time to ride all the rides, and our favorites more than once. We watched shows and parades in both Disneyland and California Adventure. We had time to sit and take breaks, while enjoying yummy treats. And we even got to spend time with good friends and family. Plus, I don’t know if my feet could of taken one more day. :)

Pretty sure it was the highlight of Macey and Miles’ young lives, which of course made the heat and exhaustion worth it.

I’m not exactly sure how to document it and be able to cover everything I want to remember, so we will start with each persons’ individual highlights.

Macey’s Top Moments
The Aladdin Show
Macey is quite obbessed with Jasmine at the moment, so seeing Jasmine was on her top things to do for the week and luckily the show did not disappoint.

Grizzly Bear Rapids
Due to fast passes and stroller passses Macey got to ride this one 4 times! I also think she loved it so much because she got to ride it with Jenna and Cora, which of course makes everything more fun.

Meeting the Princesses and Characters

Macey loved getting their signatures and posing for pictures. The Princess dinner was so worth the money to get to meet all the princesses at once and luckily Macey loved it. Her personal favorites to meet- Snow White, who was so sweet to Macey, since they were in matching outfits. And then Rapunzel of course.

All of Monday.
Not to be dramatic, but I’m pretty sure this could quite possibly be the best day of Macey’s young life. Not only was it our first day in Disneyland, which she has been anticipating for months, but she was with so many of her favorite people. We overlapped this day with my cousin Lorinda and her family and Macey LOVED getting to run around with them. It was over 100 that day and we ran around both parks like crazy people, but she didn’t complain one time or even ask for a ride in the stroller.

Waiting in the crowd to make our mad dash for Ariel and Toy Story, while the dads collected fast passes.

her other favorite rides include Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Gadget Coaster, Ariel and Radiator Springs Racers.

Crew’s Favorite Things:

Lots of people to look at and talk with.
Crew won the best traveler award. He is at such an easy age to haul around and loved smiling at people in line and while laying in his stroller.

Meeting Chip or Dale.
Every time we met characters Crew was sleeping, so I never wanted to disturb him for a photo op. This time though, either Chip or Dale, came over to visit him in his stroller. He loved the extra attention.

Meeting Pop-Pop.

Quiet Rides.
Crew was not the biggest fan of loud rides, so I’m pretty sure Peter Pan was his favorite.

Stay tuned for Miles, Paul, and of course my favorite moments of the trip.