Today was the day Macey has been waiting for all summer, the first day of Preschool!

Before school Macey saw our neighbor Barbara on her porch and had to run out there and tell her where she was going, she just couldn’t keep her excitement in. Have I mentioned that we have the BEST neighbors ever? Well, we do. A few more even came out to see Macey off on her big day, she loved the attention and getting to show off her new backpack.

When we pulled up to Preschool she grabbed Robbie’s hand and never looked back, not even a wave goodbye.

Miles and I had big plans for our 3 hours together. First, we went grocery shopping. It was nice to have room in the cart, instead of fitting the groceries around Macey. But, I did miss having to take the corners extra slow as to not knock over the food pyramids that Macey always builds in the cart, I missed having my helper to empty the cart, and I even missed the constant chatter.

Next we made cards. It was amazing how much more I got done without my shadow. But, I didn’t know what to do with all my scraps and there was no Macey masterpiece to enjoy when I was finished.

Miles even made sure to play with manly toys, like cars and balls, while he had the chance. But, I’m pretty sure I caught him longingly staring at the princesses and ponies on more than one occasion.

While chewing on his cars, I’m pretty sure he was secretly wishing he was chewing on these princesses instead.

I knew it was a successful first day though when Macey didn’t want to leave, she had grass stains on her leggings, and the bow had fallen out of her hair. All signs of a girl who’s been enjoying herself.

After hours of prying as to what she did at school all we got was- they had strawberries for snack, she played alot, and her teacher told her to share the trains.

I hate not knowing what she’s doing every second of every day, but I suppose I better get to used to it. I just don’t know if I’m ready to loosen my grip on her and I worry that her teachers won’t see how truly amazing and wonderful she is.tear

I hardly recognize this tall, skinny, blonde haired child. But, she tells me she’s mine, so I have to believe her.

I’ve already made Miles promise not to get any bigger, he says he’ll try.