Summer is now officially behind us, but we made sure to squeeze every last bit out before school started. 

We of course had to make a few more visits to the pool, including a day with all our neighbors.  

We spent our last afternoon at the pond, aka my poor desert dwelling children’s favorite beach. 

Jenni and Lee invited us over for a bbq, where we were introduced to the awesomeness that is the creek behind their house.  

Our friend Alex is a guide on the Provo River, so he took us down on our own personal raft.  It was a blast.  And the views couldn’t of been more beautiful.


We also discovered Orem’s food truck round up, 2 blocks from our house.  We have been there every Wednesday since.

One of my favorite things this month was when Paul scored box seats at the Real Game.  Great food, good game, and awesome company made for one of my favorite nights out of the summer. 

For some reason I had never taken advantage of Macey to cook dinner for the kids.  I made sure to rectify this by teaching her the fine art of heating up chicken nuggets and opening a can of peaches.  She is now a pro at making dinner for her and the boys when I’m too lazy to do it.

Ruby continues to be the best and cutest baby around.

We sadly went to our last Movie with The Brown’s. It was a highlight of our summer getting to hang out with them every Tuesday, it will be sad not to see them every week now that school has started. Plus, it’s nice to hang out with someone who knows exactly how it is to have a crazy toddler running around and a new baby, in addition to the other 2. 

The kids have been dying to go camping all summer, so we finally squeezed it in the weekend before school started.  They were all in heaven with the creek that ran behind our site and the trees surrounding us.


Macey was the offical s’more and hotdog roaster.

We also lucked out and everyone slept like a dream and did not wake up until 8:00am! 

Macey and Miles of course had to run around like Mummies in their mummy sleeping bags, what else would you do? And Crew was ecstatic when he discovered Ruby was sleeping next to him. 

Our summer ended with Paul and I celebrating our 11 year anniversary!!

As you can see, there are few things I love more than a Utah Summer.