Nothing too exciting has happened this last week, which is defiantly a good thing. But, As I was driving home from my friend Emily’s house the other day I realized how great my life is. So, I decided to make a list of the things that are currently making me happy.

1. Paul is feeling better and we can now go out do things.
2. My talk for church is over.
3. I’ve worked out for 2 weeks without missing a day.
4. Jenni is babysitting Wednesday night
5. We love our new ward and our new friends.
6. It isn’t 100 degrees anymore.
7. Everywhere is having good sales on baby clothes.
8. The new Kraft Food Magazine came with new recipes to try.
9. My house is clean for the moment.
10. Macey can now entertain herself for long periods of time.
11. I already have our Halloween costumes figured out.
12. I’ve been to Eaglecrest twice this month.
13. Only a week and a half until The Office season premier.
14. Christopher is back in Utah.

There are a lot more reasons, but that will do for now.