I know most of you have moved onto Christmas by now and probably don’t really care what my kids were for Halloween, but I’m so proud of my crafting that I have to share.

When Macey decided that her and Miles were to be Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, I had the genius idea that their costumes would be so much cuter if I made them myself.

Jessie’s turned out to be quite easy and I used the ideas from here for most of it. Thanks to Steam a Seam, hot glue, glitter glue, and sticky velcro it came together without much trouble. I was worried about being able to find a red hat, but luckily Macey spotted one at Walmart and we just had to add the white details.

Woody’s proved to be slightly more difficult and I had a small moment of regret. I planned on getting a yellow shirt, but when Target didn’t have one 2 days before Halloween, I had to settle for white. I drew on the red square pattern, which was more annoying to do than hard.

I was hoping to be able to do the cow print vest without having to use my limited sewing abilities, but unfortunately I had to sew him a vest. Luckily my mom was here, so she helped me make the pattern, which I then sewed all by myself. Yep, I’m a pretty good sewer now that I’ve attended 4 beginning sewing classes.

My mom then figured out how to make our alien hats, you can tell this is where I get my creative genius from. :)

We of course had to have Holly of h Rob Photography take our pictures. And as always, they are awesome.

It was so worth the stress and time to make their costumes when I saw how much they loved them. Macey was running around tipping her hat and saying “Howdy Partner”. Adorable.

And Miles Trick or Treating? Probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen and I’m only slightly biased. When someone tried to give him an apple, he handed it right back saying, “no, no, no”. He was out for candy only. He knew what was going on.

On a side note. We live in one of the BEST neighborhoods ever. There were kids everywhere, awesome decorations, and lots of friends to say “hi” to. Certain houses even had special candy just for the kids in the neighborhood. This included multiple full size candy bars, cotton candy, pop, hot dogs, and donuts. Next year we’re skipping dinner before we go out!

Best Halloween yet. When Macey went to bed Monday night she asked, “How many more days until next Halloween?” She is definitely my daughter.