Yes, I am still pregnant. I have mixed emotions about this fact. Part of me just wants this baby out, but at the same time I only know it will make my life much harder. There is an end in sight though, and I will be scheduling my induction Monday for sometime next week.

So, in the mean time we’re cramming in as much summer fun as possible before a newborn is added to the mix.

We’ve braved the crowd as Seven Peaks multiple times.
Hung out at the Manilla Pond
frequented the Riverwoods Splash Pad
Visited the park when it’s not too hot

I think we are all ready for this baby to come, with the exception of Miles I suppose. Macey has been practicing singing “Rock a Bye Baby” and has requested that I make her a new chore chart, as she has assured me that she’ll probably be doing most of the housework once the baby is born. :) Love that girl. Miles though has requested that the baby stay in my tummy, but I’m pretty sure he’ll come around. Besides, I’m pretty sure he’ll adjust to the new baby better than Macey did when he showed up.

Now that we have entered what should be the last week of this pregnancy I’m hoping it will help motivate me to get the babies stuff ready.

As the baby’s crib looks like this:

and the dresser like this:

I guess that is what happens when you don’t know the gender and are a procrastinator. Oh well, I don’t think the baby will be too picky. We have the essentials- diapers, wipes, onesies, and a carseat, which should get us through the first few days.

So, here’s the last week of being fat, swollen, slow, and nauseous! Can’t wait to hold that baby.