Today has been a perfect Saturday so far! We slept in, ate breakfast burritos, and then went sledding.

Macey went sledding a few times last year but was pretty indifferent towards it. This year though she is loving it. The moment she gets in the sled she’s already yelling “Weeeeee”. She liked watching the other kids on the hill seld, but mostly all she wanted to do was go down the hill herself. The moment we got back to the top she was already climbing back into the sled ready for another run.

There are so many cute pictures, but here’s a few of my favs:

This was her first time sledding this winter, I’d say she’s enjoying it!

She was already yelling “weeee”.

Paul got a little tired pulling Macey up the hill everytime, but she loved it.

Getting pulled back to the car after a tiring morning of sledding!

Now all that needs to happen for this to be a perfect Saturday is for BYU to win their game!!