Macey got baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on February 28th.  

It was a busy, crazy, and happy morning.  Where we of course could not get a decent family photo, typical.  

My wonderful neighbor/friend, Georgia, even took 40 min out of her busy morning with 4 kids of her own to do Macey’s hair for me. 

It was perfect and about a million times better than I could of done. 

Macey’s baptism was one of those times when I realized, that even though we live so far away from family, we are not alone.  We have such an amazing support system here and it was awesome to see almost all of them in one room together to support Macey in her decision to be baptized. 

Miles was actually going quite crazy and couldn’t contain himself, due to the roomful of people that he adores.  

Macey planned the program and picked who she wanted to do each part.  It was pretty hilarious watching her go through the thought process.  She picked Nana and Pop-Pop to give talks, Jenni and Gina to say the prayers, and Holly to lead the music.  

I had a hard time paying attention to most of the program though, due to some busy boys, but I know Macey was able to feel the spirit and the love that surrounded her.  

My favorite moment was when Macey walked down the steps into the font towards Paul and just had the biggest grin on her face.  I loved seeing her so happy and it was such a reminder of how much happiness this Church has brought me.

Afterwards we celebrated at Pizza Pie, where I was stuffing my face with too much pizza to take pictures.  

I hope this is a day Macey can remember for a long time, because I know I will.