Macey and Miles have been having a hard time parting in the morning since Macey’s return to school after Christmas Break.

They give each other a hug and kiss and then macey always says, “Miles, be good for Mom and then we can play when I get home.” Miles always says, “I’ll miss you Mace.”

Makes me happy.

Sometimes I don’t know how Macey can handle Miles as well as she does. He knocks her towers over, often destroys the puzzles the moment they finish putting them together, he is constantly destroying things by pretending to be T-Rex, he steals the go fish cards when he gets his first match, and he can never play with one toy for too long. Despite all this she is one of the few people that can stand playing with him for more than 10 min.

The other day she built him a T-Rex out of legos and when she gave it to him he just threw it. Instead of getting mad, she just turned it into a game.

She draws him dinosaurs on her easel and then when he gets ahold of her markers and scribbles all over her picture, 90% of the time she just says, “Oh, Miles I love your fish drawing” or “Oh, thanks Miles for drawing them food to eat.”

I don’t know what I’d do with him without her.

Today Crew was crying while doing his breathing treatment and Miles ran by and dropped off 2 of Crew’s favorite toys. Gives me hope that these 2 will be friends someday. Because if you remember Macey wouldn’t even come within a 5 foot radius of Miles when he was a baby.