Paul came home from work yesterday with a surprise for me, WII FIT!

I was of course excited, I had told him I wanted this for my birthday, but that’s in another 4 months. He said he got it for me because I had a bad week. I didn’t think my week was that bad, but obviously I complained alot. opps. It wasn’t my best or worse week, but Macey was extremely opinionated this week (but she is 2 now) and I’ve been feeling a bit gross and chubby since I quit going to the gym (I got sick of it). Obviously I’ve been taking it out on Paul, sorry. :) I think he’s hoping my use of the Wii Fit will help to produce some more endorphins in me and make me happier. I think he’s right!!!

I guess I should have bad weeks more often, they seem to pay off.

In case this post doesn’t convince you of Paul’s awesomeness here’s an example, and here’s another example, and here’s one more example.