I love fall in Utah, as long as it stays above 58 degrees. Today was one of those days, so we had to take advantage by talking a stroll along the Provo River Trail.

They love listening to the water running under these things.

I was sad to see that the trees were looking pretty bare, meaning winter is fastly approaching. But, bare trees, meant lots of leaves to play in! We of course had to build a leaf pile to jump into.

Macey proved to have the best hops.

I on the other hand learned my jumping skills aren’t quite what they used to be and have some work to do.

We had to rebuild our pile many times before we finally finished our stroll to Bridal Veil Falls.

On the drive home Macey informed us this was the perfect Sunday activity because it brought our family closer together. Glad our outing passed Macey’s Sabbath Worthy Test.

In other news, we accidentally put our kids to bed at 6:00 tonight instead of 7:00. Good thing Miles wakes up at the same time every morning or we could be in trouble tomorrow. Yay for Daylight Savings!