I do not like to be busy.  I like having things to do, but not too much to do.  That way we always have the option of going to Thanksgiving Point, just sitting out front, going to the park, or whatever we want without stress of other things going on.  This last month got a little busier than we are used to, but luckily summer is coming so I will be able to recover then. 

One of the more exciting things that happened in April was Macey had her first surgery.  At her dental check up, they found that the extra teeth in the roof of her mouth were blocking her adult front teeth from coming in the way they were suppose to.  So, off to the oral surgeon we went.  

She was so excited about her surgery and all the extra attention she was getting.  Kids.  She went under like a champ and didn’t even flinch when they put her IV in.  Waking up was a little more difficult and there was lots of crying on the drive home.  She cried about why the air freshener didn’t work in the back seat and was worried she’d never be able to feel her face again. She also impressed me with her ability to count backwards from 100.  

Luckily her cousins and my parents had sent her lots of fun things that kept her mind off of her numb mouth and the annoying stitches.  Once the numbing wore off though, it was very difficult to keep her from running around outside for the rest of the day.  
The day after Macey’s surgery GiGi came for a visit.  She came out for my cousin’s graduation, but we were lucky enough to have her stay at our house.  

It was so fun having her to ourselves and having an extra hand around the house.  She was a great Go Fish partner for Macey, a great book reader for Miles and a great treat sharer for Crew.  

It got a little crazy at our house with all the family around, but we wouldn’t of had it any other way. Miles got a little, ok alot, out of control with all the extra people laughing at his antics.  But he’s so cute we decided
to not send him back to Washington with everyone, still trying to decide if we made the right choice or not.  :)

Macey participated in first Walk-a-Thon at school and I volunteered so I could spy on her.  I loved seeing her walk around with her friends, she’s just getting too big.  

Macey and I also got to decorate her teacher’s door at school for Teacher Appreciation.  It took a little more time than I anticipated, but I was so happy with how it turned out.  It’s kind of fun being on the other side of it all and I will happier next year when I have a better idea of how the parent side works. 

Next up pictures of our awesome new deck!