Lots has happened since I last posted; my parents came to visit, we took a trip to Moab, Christopher abandoned us to return home for a perfect WA summer, and we’ve of course been enjoying the weather (both the sun and rain)!

Here we are all hanging out after dinner being entertained by Macey:

Macey and my parents walking to Balanced Rock in Arches.

Macey was not allowed out of the back pack carrier at Delicate Arch for fear of her running off a cliff.

When my parents were here we of course had to make a trip to Farm Country:

Paul’s balloon hats were a big hit at our Girls Camp fundraiser for church and he was lucky to have Christopher and my dad to assist him.

This weekend we throughly enjoyed the rainy weather and even ventured to the Tulip Festival, deciding it was refreshing to look at the tulips while being rained on.

We took some time to get away from the rain in one of our favorite places, Krispy Kreme.

There’s the rest of April in a nut shell and while the month was all very exciting and fun, we’re kind of hoping May is a little more calm. :)