May was a big month for the smallest Navasard’s.

First, Macey finished her first year of preschool! Macey of course loved it, who wouldn’t? It was on a farm, her teacher was amazing, they got to play outside most days, they had snack time, and she had a nice little posse of boys to hang out with.

Here she is with Teacher Lynda the last week:

It’s crazy how much she changed in a year! This is her on first day of preschool last August, she looks so toddlery, it seriously makes me want to cry!

For the last day of school they had a water and pizza party, to say she loved it would be an understatement.

Macey’s favorite part about preschool though was getting to go with her best bud Robbie. These 2 have been friends since their newborn days.

She is going to miss preschool. She has yet to realize I decided to be selfish and keep her to myself next year. Hopefully it won’t be too boring, so she won’t miss it too much.

The second milestone belongs to Miles, he turned 18 months! The most exciting part about this, if you’re Mormon, is he now gets to go to nursery at church!

He’s actually been going “illegally” for the past few weeks, because Paul and I have both been teaching and our nursery leaders are just that nice.

So, here’s his official first day of nursery pictures, most of them look like this:

But, I did snap this before he ran away again:

Eventually I just had to hold him:

Miles’ 18 month stats:
weight: 26lbs (75th percentile)
height: 33 inches (75th percentile)
head: still 98th percentile.

I LOVE this age, even though he never stops moving and creating messes for me, because everyday more of his crazy personality comes out!

I know most days I’m ready to throw in the towel by 6:30, but I really wish I could slow time down and make them stay my cute babies just a little longer.