Since you only turn 1 once, Miles lived up his birthday week. And yes, we celebrate birthday’s for an entire week around here, we love birthdays.

We played with lots of balloons.

Took a trip to the aquarium, where we discovered Miles LOVES little fish.

I was very excited to use my cricut to make some decorations. My favorite being the picture banner, it’s just crazy to see how much he changed in one year!

Miles requested a football themed party and I of course had to comply. We had BYU cupcakes, a little football cake just for Miles, football appetizers (sub sandwiches, little smokies, queso…), and then we threw footballs through hoops. Miles favorite part of the party though was hiding under the tablecloth, gotta love babies.

Miles also finally got some manly toys, which he has been loving. Who knew the poor boy actually does prefer trucks over princesses. And yes, we got Miles a power wheel. He loves it and much to my surprise quickly figured out how to make it move, never underestimate a one year old.

Miles of course devoured his cake, while Macey snuck little pieces of cake off his high chair when she thought we weren’t watching. We of course all stood back and laughed as the cake was flung everywhere.

Words can’t even express how much I love this boy-
his real laugh, his fake laugh, the way he teases you, the bum scoot, his open mouth kisses, how he bangs everything, how he loves food and freaks out if you don’t immediately give it to him, when he “talks”, the way his hair wings out, his eyelashes… I could go on and on.

Come on, what can I say, I just think he’s the cutest baby ever. And, I’m only slightly biased.