Crew is finally 3!!

Even though he’s been the size of a 3 year old for over a year now.  And the entire time he was 2 he was mistaken for a 3 year old, and lately a 4 year old :)

Favorite Color: orange
Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper
Favorite Show: Super Hero Squad
Favorite Movie: Monster Inc. University
Favorite Song: The Final Countdown
What do you want to be when you grow up: Super Hero
Best Friend: Jakey
Favorite thing to do: Drive in the car and go to the dinosaur museum
Favorite Toy: any sort of weapon
Favorite Food: Pizza

This kid is always on the look out for Dr. Pepper cans left unattended.  

3 words I would use to describe Crew: sensitive, adorable, friendly 

Crew thinks he’s one of the big kids and tries to do whatever Macey and Miles are doing.  

Luckily, him and Ruby are looking like they will be bff’s, just like M&M.  He adores her and always calls her “my baby”.  Anytime he meets someone new while we are out, the first thing he does is tell them about “his baby”.


I still hold out hope for him and Miles being friends though.  Since they share a room, they spend a lot of time playing when they should be sleeping and get into lots of trouble during the bedtime hour.  Multiple times a week I hear “Miles!! Wake up!” or “Crew, wake up!”, when the other one still wants to play.  Then during the day, they go back to pretending to dislike each other. But, I know the truth.    

Like Macey at 3, he is a constant talker and tantrum thrower.   Like Miles at 3, he loves to kiss, cuddle, and get into trouble. Lucky for him, we find him adorable and he just wins you over with his eye lashes and kisses. 

Crew loves super hero’s, especially “punch guy” aka the hulk.  He loves any sort of weapon and we have acquired a wide variety in the past year. 

I can tell the 3’s are going to be trouble with this kid, but he’s so cute, I’m just going to have a try to laugh through it instead of cry. :)