Macey had her very 1st dance recital a few weeks ago and it was a huge success! By success, I mean she got up on stage and looked adorable.

When I told her that all the parents were going to come watch their kids dance, she replied, “Mom, all the uncles are going to be there too!” So, even though she didn’t have grandparents there like most of the other kids, she was lucky to have her “utah family” in attendance. (Christopher, Shaunna, Jenni, and Trina) And she couldn’t have been happier to perform for them.

One of the highlights for Macey was getting to wear makeup (something she asks for daily). When she saw her reflection she said, “I’m going to be the prettiest girl there!” We then had to have the conversation that yes, she looked pretty, but so will the other girls and being pretty isn’t the most important thing about being a dancer. :) She should be a fun teenager.

My personal favorite move was when they did the bouncing, Macey put a little extra energy into it to please the crowd.

When she concentrates the tongue often sneaks out, adorable.

While Macey might not be the most precise dancer, she put her own personal flare into every move and you could tell she was loving it up there.

She’s a bit sad dance is over for now. So, luckily she has swim lessons to help ease the pain.

And, in case you didn’t see the videos yet and you want too, here ya go:

Macey’s Dance Recital 2011 - Dance #1 from Pea Nav on Vimeo.

Macey’s Dance Recital 2011 - Dance #2 from Pea Nav on Vimeo.